"It saved so much time! No more emails! No more "Is that schedule done?", "Where is that?"...none of that happened! It's all there. And no more printing! You can just see it all. We were logging into split screens so we could see what everyone was doing."

Matt Bath , Series Producer

Lumi builds the
way a project builds

Grow every part of your project in one place, in real time, in a way that is highly visible and understandable by everyone.

“There is no delay with Lumi, it’s live. Emails go astray, but with Lumi you don’t have to worry about people not getting info because it’s all up there for them to see. You don’t have to distribute info or double check. If they are on Lumi, then they KNOW!”

Sarah Charley , Production Coordinator

No more ‘us and them’. No more ‘I didn’t know’.

Help creative, talented people come together in complex teams, to build and deliver on your idea and vision.

“Lumi is the only tool I’ve seen in 27 years in TV that doesn’t just address one part of the process. There are other great tools out there for scheduling or budgeting, but they don’t help to make a program. Lumi is everything that relates to the show and includes every department.”​

Caroline Spencer, Head of Non-scripted
Celebrity casting
Uncannt Valley
Bondi Rescue
Australias Got Talent
The Block
Marry Me
Christians Like Us
Muslims Like Us
Home Delivery

Who benefits from using Lumi?

Fast-paced, high-performance, creative teams involved in:

  • Screen production.

  • Radio 

  • Sports broadcasting

  • Event management

  • Media integration

  • Education 

“Lumi encapsulates everything into one system which is critical and really helped us. You can immediately access anything you need. It’s all there within layers like an onion. Accessibility wherever you are. The immediacy is vital.”

Paula Bycroft, Executive Producer