Lumi is now on board with: Love Island UK, Survivor AU, Luxe Listings, AFL House, The Cabins UK, Pooch Perfect USA

Empowering dynamic content production

Lumi powers cloud-based centralisation of production, casting and crewing,
streamlining content production workflow with an efficient, always up to date, source of truth for teams.
Update in one place, update everywhere.

The Lumi SaaS platform uses simple, powerful cards to grow knowledge over time,
enabling screen content teams to easily share information and collaborate in real-time.


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Centralise and streamline information and resources
in one dynamic hub.

Facilitate faster production

Everything about the production in one place enables faster, more efficient production

Centralise information

Build a central network of information, improve visibility and get immediate context for every person in every role

Maximise resources

Make the most of your budgets and people. Faster turn-around, better decision making, quicker feedback loops

Future proof

Lumi is a fully configurable cloud-based application that flexes and scales to meet the needs of your team, now and in the future

Lumi has been an amazing resource for our Post team. We’ve had people spread out all over the country and sometimes on the opposite side of the world.

Being able to invite editors in Queensland or Melbourne or Producers in LA to be a part of our team has meant we have been able to get them everything they could possibly need without the need for emailing hundreds of documents dozens of times.

Judy Tanner - Post Supervisor - Beyond Productions

Lumi has enabled executives on the show to be immediately responsive to a story that happens in the field.

It has enabled clear lines of communication about stories across multiple team members.

Daniel O'Sullivan - Producer, Observational Documentary - A JamTV co-production with Amazon Australia

You know I’m a huge believer in maximizing efficiencies on a team and making everyone’s lives as simple, effective, and as easy as possible – and this File Request system is basically the holy grail of all of that.

Keely Sonntag - Executive Producer - Endemol Shine Australia

The Lumi team is engaging, quick to respond, and one of the best customer service experiences I’ve had.

Gil Marsden - Director and Executive Producer - JamTV for Amazon Australia

Lumi Centralised Hubs

Content Production

Give everyone on your team immediate context for their role, no matter when they join a project, and from wherever they work.


  • Bring everything together in a central, cloud-based hub.
  • From pre to post-production and delivery.
  • 360-degree visual overviews.
  • Track anything you want to – talent, auditions, challenges, shoots, locations, etc.
  • Every detail, photo, link, and decision about that entity adds depth and context.
  • Assemble cards into schedules, visual pitch boards, trackers, lists, episodes, days, etc.
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On-Screen Talent

Help casting teams work as efficiently and effectively as possible.


  • Centralise on-screen talent in Lumi.
  • Accept applications directly into Lumi or integrate with your current casting platform.
  • Manage and communicate with candidates in one central hub.
  • Slash your carbon footprint with paperless auditions.
  • Prepare and pitch with live, 3D visual boards.
  • Produce your talent through the lifecycle of the project.
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Off-Screen Talent Hub

Find the best person for every job, quickly and easily. Lumi helps you get from talent pool to shortlist faster.


  • Grow your talent pool and centralise information.
  • Search existing (known) talent using rapid review filters to optimise your results.
  • Find new talent (applications)
  • Manage talent ongoing and leverage information learned over time.
  • Manage logistics and protocols efficiently.
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Dynamically connected teams make great content

Keep everyone on track

Improve visibility

Streamline production

Work sustainably



Make entertainment and reality television shows more efficiently

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Film and television

End-to-end management of documentaries and factual programmes

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Dynamically connect broadcast production teams

Dynamically connect broadcast production teams to real-time information and resources

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Lumi helps teams keep up in the fast-paced world of commercial radio

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Creative agencies and media

Plan and deliver campaigns with Lumi. Improve productivity and keep your team connected.

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Festivals and events

Event preparation and planning take on a new look with Lumi.

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A director’s perspective

Lumi provided immediate context and real-time information to every person in every role. Information was disseminated instantly and updated for everyone automatically.

Beyond Productions: Pooch Perfect USA

Lumi enabled Pooch Perfect to be made in a shortened timeframe with a reduced budget by providing one source of truth – in real-time, searchable, accurate, and complete.

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Lumi enabled Racing.Com to streamline workflow, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

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