Collaborate, create and deliver.

Improve planning, data collection, information sharing, production and workflow management.

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Lumi is perfect for TV and Film production
TV and Film
End-to-end management of documentaries and factual programmes.
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Run entertainment and reality shows with Lumi

Run entertainment and reality shows more efficiently with Lumi.

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Lumi powers radio and podcast teams
Radio & Podcasts
Lumi helps teams keep up in the fast-paced world of radio and podcasting.
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Creative and production agency teams work in a single platform
Lumi brings creative and production teams together in one platform. 
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Corporate projects, training and education use Lumi's collaboration software

Corporate project teams, and education providers use Lumi to collaborate.

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Plan and deliver media campaigns with Lumi
Media Integration
Plan and deliver media campaigns with Lumi.
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Improve Productivity

Save time, reduce costs and create efficiencies.


“Lumi has been the perfect solution for our teams working remotely/together on projects during Covid-19. There is no other software available that allows us to do this. Software that understands our process and what we require. All our new productions will be run using Lumi.”

Matt Campbell - Group CEO - CJZ

Collaborate Effectively

Bring your team into one platform and deliver faster, cheaper, better.

“Lumi is the only tool I’ve seen in 27 years in TV that doesn’t just address one part of the process. There are other great tools out there for scheduling or budgeting, but they don’t help to make a program. Lumi is everything that relates to the show and includes every department.”​

Caroline Spencer, Head of Non-scripted

Manage Information and Knowledge

Improve transparency, accessibility and security.

“Lumi encapsulates everything into one system which is critical and really helped us. You can immediately access anything you need. It’s all there within layers like an onion. Accessibility wherever you are. The immediacy is vital.”

Paula Bycroft, Executive Producer

The Future is Lumi.Media

Making production easier.