Daily content production: It's easier than you think to go digital.

Orchestrating the many people and things needed to make a daily show is all consuming. Your team is always busy; checking through a sea of emails, trying to keep up with changes being made on the fly, co-ordinating the input of multiple, dependent teams and chasing the most up-to-date rundown.


In those few quiet moments each day after the show is delivered, you give thanks that it all came together again and wonder if there is a better, less frenetic way of achieving the same end.

The demands of delivering a daily show don't leave much time to even contemplate the ways production could be improved, much less implement anything new. The tools being used by teams to complete their work, both manual and digital, are often there simply because that's the way things have been done in the past, not because they are particularly efficient or suited to the task.


Many teams are siloed either because of location or the tools they have access to, and their piece of the project puzzle is often locked away from everyone else. It is not uncommon for teams to feel disconnected from each other, with an "us and them" mentality, despite working towards the same goal.


Those responsible for the overall production struggle to get real-time visibility on the status of each puzzle piece, the delivery of promises made to sponsors and other stakeholders; and be across changes made on the fly.


Creative teams - like those involved in TV, radio and other daily shows - are only beginning to understand the opportunity presented by new technology to increase efficiency and reduce the anxiety of fast-paced, repetitive production.


It's easier than you think to digitise creative production. With the right platform, you can enable your team to work the way that produces the best creative outcome, while still gaining the visibility, efficiency and cost savings you are looking for.

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You have a fast moving train - and that's exactly why Lumi was designed. It is easy to learn, easy to use and facilitates a home base for every aspect of a daily show's requirements for content production.


Every person involved, no matter what role they play, works from the same main dashboard. The dashboard updates automatically with real-time data and is configured to suit the needs of the team. A daily show's dashboard is set to display the latest show information and rundowns, the day's whiteboard and upcoming guests, to ensure everyone involved is on the same page.


Promoting transparency, accessibility and flexibility, Lumi can win back many hours spent combing through emails and text messages, playing detective and the inevitable miscommunications of busy, fragmented teams.


How else does Lumi enable content at the speed of demand?
  • Simple to use - we've combined industry experience with world-class technical know-how, to create a platform that is intuitive, and easy-to-use with minimal training.
  • Our team has taken the guess-work out of technology by ensuring that every instance of Lumi is set-up to suit your industry and project requirements, before you start.
  • The Lumi on-boarding program supports your team as they get started and encourages them to get the most out of the platform.
  • Rundowns and daily show content live in a single application. Unlike spreadsheets, Lumi Rundowns are interactive. Each line can be drilled into, providing context and changes as needed.
  • Digitised daily whiteboards mean your team is able to access the daily whiteboard from anywhere at anytime. Updates can be made live and segments dragged easily to make changes on the run that are visible to everyone.
  • Build your own guest database to reduce duplication of effort and protect your IP. Store contact details, availability, interview transcripts, social media links, interview questions, publicity & PR information, producer notes, red flags, photos, videos, paperwork and more.
  • Lumi integrates with the tools your team already uses (eg. Microsoft 365). Teams continue using the tools they are most comfortable with but, by accessing them through Lumi, visibility is increased across work groups.
In this age of disruption, processes must get smarter to be able to seize the opportunities that lie ahead. Imagine your whole team building, planning and tracking all elements of the show in one place; protecting your IP in a secure, digital platform. No more scribbled notes, post-it-notes on walls, convoluted email trails, or time wasted trying to get updates through outmoded distribution chains.


Discover how Lumi can enable a great creative outcome while delivering visibility, efficiency and cost savings for your show.