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Storytelling is at the core of any TV programme that’s worth a watch. Whether they're fast turnaround or long form; stories are often multi-layered, based around several key characters and interrelated issues, and can take the audience all over the world. To bring these complexities together, to shape them and weave them into a narrative and build a story that not only flows but produces compelling viewing is a real skill...that's why you hire the best storytellers in the business. But, what if you could help them to be even better? That's where Lumi comes in.


As a storyteller, Lumi won't do your job for you...but it will enhance it.




Long form documentaries

Over the course of making long form documentaries, characters change and sometimes, producers and directors move on. Story threads can get lost and that creative vision can become blurred. A comment made at the beginning of filming can be a key moment which needs to play out at the end of the story. But what if that question, for some reason, goes unanswered? Your story has no ending and when you're in the edit, you need to send people out to get pick ups - often at great cost to production, inconvenience to contributors,  causing continuity issues - your story is compromised.


Lumi brings all the story elements together - the backstory, the history, the meet and greet, the reveals, the key moments, the different themes, the locations, and keeps them in a single space. As stories develop or teams change, the vision remains clear. Story beats aren't missed and nothing is lost in translation. Lumi allows you to grow, cultivate and nurture the narrative without second guessing what may have happened previously or where the story is heading.


Lumi holds the integrity of a story that, from the time of conception, passes through many hands before landing in post. The creative vision is clear to the entire team, and the frustration of repeated conversations, reading convoluted emails, relaying the creative direction, or continually having to explain your decisions - disappears.


All this detailed information at the fingertips of your series producers, producer/directors and researchers enables them to immerse themselves in the subject matter and tell a much richer story, following one creative vision.




Long running series

For those in charge of long running series that churn out multiple stories, week-in and week-out, Lumi works the same way. All your information kept in one place that's easy to find, and easy to follow. Lumi can hold a lot of information, so the more you put in, the more you get out.


We've all heard 'haven't we done this before?' or 'we tried to do that last year but it fell down because...' or 'what happened to that story?' being bandied around the office. Those questions mean quickly finding the name and details of an expert who appeared in a previous ep. Can't remember their name? Can't remember which series? All eyes turn to the person who's been working on the series the longest...will they know the answer? Maybe. But why leave it to chance? Let Lumi be your reliable fountain of knowledge so that no-one has to remember the detail.


Entering a keyword into the Lumi Library brings up all the relevant Cards that relate to that word or subject. For example, you could bring up all the episodes in Series 11, find out how many times a particular business expert featured in that series, how many times you used a particular presenter, or the last time you ran a story about climate change. It's all there at the touch of a button.


If you're involved in a long-running series with a high turnover of content - generating ideas, getting them commissioned, stories falling down, running updates on old stories - Lumi could really benefit you.



Lumi is for you - the storyteller




Lumi can not only help you shape individual stories and films but it can give you a fantastic overview of episodes and how they sit within the series themselves. It gives you the detail as well as the big picture and can help you bring to life the overall creative vision you hold. All teams on the same page, in the same space, working on the story together.


Discover how Lumi can help you keep your stories on track.

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