Lumi for Radio

Copy of Copy of _Order and simplification are the first step toward the mastery of a subject._ (3)


If you work in radio on a daily show, chances are you work hard and fast. Keeping track of many moving pieces, with updates and changes coming in on a stack of different, unsynchronised communication platforms. You're running so far, so fast, you make the Energizer Bunny look slack.


Even the best teams struggle to communicate important updates quickly enough to be effective. Wouldn't you like to find a better way?


That's exactly why Lumi was designed - to reduce the noise in fast paced, live production and bring cohesion to teams trying to deliver in creative industries. From a company perspective, it streamlines workflows, reduces duplication and other operational costs, and enables other teams within the Network, to promote and re-purpose content before a competitor does.


Lumi is easy to learn, easy to use, and facilitates a home base for every aspect of a daily show's requirements for content production.


How would Lumi benefit your team?


Keep your team on track with a Dynamic Project Dashboard.

Project Dashboards give you complete control over what, where, and how your work is displayed and are completely customisable. See what you need to see and when. Display the latest show information and rundowns, today's whiteboard, or what guests you have coming up, so your whole team is on the same page. Dashboards update automatically with real-time data.


dashboard making radio show blog


Build your own Guest Database & Protect your IP.

Store contact details, availability, interview transcripts and audio files, social media links, interview questions, publicity & PR information, producer notes, red flags, photos, videos, paperwork and more.


Guest card making a radio show blog


guest board making a radio show blog


Keep your Rundown & Daily Show Content in one place.

Work on a digitised daily show card with all departments working together; ensuring they're always looking at the most up-to-date information. Keep the rundown, ideas, contest sheets, music lists, news clippings, web-links, prize information, notes from producers, audio files, sponsor mentions, highlights and summaries, together, on the same card.


run down and daily show card making a radio show blog


Digitise the Daily Whiteboard

Take the whiteboard out of the office and allow your team to access it from anywhere and anytime. Update it live and easily drag segments around to make changes on the run.


daily whiteboard making a radio show blog


Create a bank of Audio Resources for your Team

The PR Department need audio of the latest interview? Someone in Digital need the same thing? A guest coming up and you need grabs from their last interview? Upload and play audio clips within Lumi to cards for quick access.


resource bank daily radio show


Who said what?

With every word in Lumi searchable never miss a beat when trying to find a moment from your show. Upload transcripts or use Lumi Logs and search for any word, from any day, at anytime.


Who said what daily radio show


Manage Confidential Info

Vault documents you need to keep private, or for executive eyes only, so staff only see what is relevant to them.


manage confidential info daily radio show


Forget the Excel Tracker

Create your own availability kanban and track what guests you've booked and when. Lumi gives you flexibility to create your own custom fields to record and track whatever you need for your project.


forget excel tracker daily radio show


Collaborate with your Team Live & Instantly on Microsoft Online

Create, store and upload word, excel, powerpoint documents in Lumi. Update a document somewhere and it updates everywhere. Users with existing Microsoft Business or School accounts can edit documents live and together via Microsoft online, no need for downloading and re-uploading.


collaborate with microsoft online daily radio show


No such thing as a bad idea....

Tons of little magic ideas that come up in a meeting? Add them all to an ideas board and watch them grow as the rest of the team add their thoughts.


no such thing as a bad idea daily radio show


Keep your Promises

With all Departments working from the same place, it's easy to ensure any promises are kept. Track sponsor mentions, time-codes and prize information. Ensure the integration team and the content team are working together seamlessly.


keep your promises daily radio show


Imagine your whole team building, planning and tracking all elements of the show in one place; protecting your IP in a secure, digital platform. No more running around, scribbled notes, convoluted email trails, or time wasted trying to get updates through outmoded distribution chains.


It's easier than you think to move to the future. Discover how easy it is to make your show using Lumi's online collaborative workspace. Book a demonstration today.