Going Global: Why We've Flipped the Script with Our Dashboard

If you’ve popped into Lumi lately, you may have noticed things are looking a little different ‘round these parts. We’ve run pilot programs, collected customer feedback, built and tailored significant additional functionality for our customer groups. We've also tinkered and tailored our dashboard as part of our commitment to continuous improvement. In true startup style, the only constant is change (and that’s a great thing).


This latest release is reflective of our goal to make Lumi your home of content production. It should flex with your ideal workflow, cut through the distractions and be a customisable reflection of your creative project. Ultimately, we want it to feel as cozy as your favourite armchair. You know, more “ahhh”, less “argh!”.



The new Lumi dashboard has arrived.


One of the most exciting things about this new release is how much we’ve “learned by doing”. We (and our awesome trailblazing clients) spent a lot of time on the nitty-gritty, devising more efficient features that were reflective of the nuanced, often unpredictable flows of individual creative geniuses at work.


Let’s break down the makeover:


We made it easier for creatives to understand and utilise the powerful (and once hidden) tools available to them.


When you’re building something from the ground up, it’s easy to get caught up in the details and not spend as much time stepping back and assessing the big picture.

We found that some of the neat, time-saving features we really wanted to show off went undiscovered by real-world users. We’d give detailed demos during the roll-out, of course, but everyone knows how difficult it is to absorb everything on the day.


Individual users were left with a blank slate, with confusion around how to start a new project off on the right foot. With that in mind, we worked on the UX to make it far easier to get down to business, including:

  • Creating more structure around the initial build of a project. Lumi is deliberately unstructured to allow creative freedom, individual workflows and total customisation in support of delivering your best work. However, we found that - at least in the very beginning - some guidance is the best way to open up all the possibilities of the platform.

  • We understood that learning the ins-and-outs of a new project, plus a new tool might be overwhelming at first. Our new dashboard is far more intuitive and dynamic, ensuring your main focus is on your project, not jumping through technology hoops.


A more dynamic, seamless dashboard experience.


Once users get started, the dashboard becomes integral to bringing everyone together to the home base. The project lives and breathes as a real-time pulse to everyone’s activities, while remaining customisable to the things relevant to your role. Once you get a sense of just how customisable the dashboard is, you’ll take pride in its look and feel, your contributions and how you work with others. Here's a couple of examples of how the dashboard can improve the team experience, wherever they work.


  • Are you in one of those roles that are chronically CC’d on every email, no matter how irrelevant (did you really need four emails about Jim’s missing headphones when you’re trying to locate a specific invoice)? The upgraded dashboard can show you that day’s most important tasks relevant to you, so you don’t miss the unmissable among the clutter.

  • Add and stream project-relevant music, inspiring videos, location images: it can be a lot of fun to connect visually, especially with remote members of the team.


Large-scale teams enjoy a more targeted experience.


Those folks working in 24/7 sports broadcasting, weekly TV shows, daily radio shows… they’ve got a lot going on. The teams making the magic happen are large, and when they’re all adding their piece of the puzzle, our powerful search function may not be the way some people prefer to find what they need. Even if you have to be across everything, one way or another, the search filtering can ensure this is as straightforward as possible.

Users, (for example, a show runner) can get an instant view of everything that has been updated in the past 24 hours, or, for example, a view of everything that the writers’ room has done that week. For quick answers on departmental progress, blockages and next steps, this is a effective communication and streamlining feature.


Lumi is going global. What’s next?


We’ve had an incredible year, working with some genius content production teams around the world. Our next mission is taking ourselves to London, where we are looking forward to showcasing Lumi's end-to-end platform that enables cheaper, better and faster production in this explosive, exciting content production landscape. We're already talking to many screen production companies in London and we know this is perfect time and place for us right now.


In terms of features, we’re heading into 2020 with more tricks and tools on the way, including:

  • Timeline creation; link Lumi cards to calendars for an all-seeing calendar view of projects.

  • Predictive card matching that analyses dates, locations and cast scheduling to show who is available and when.

  • More support for downstream teams; real-time preparation techniques for maximum efficiency

Lumi can be your home of content production, and this digital space can reflect the very essence of the team and the project itself. We want to facilitate the best minds working together, efficiently and free of the barriers that have traditionally stolen our time. Get in touch to find out more.