Screen production tech innovation in the golden age of content

All major industries have been influenced by technology and for the most part, technology is changing them for the better. In medicine, better and faster access to information has seen a decline in preventable deaths, including a reduction in treatment and recovery times. The building industry, like many others, is increasingly connecting their people, applications, and devices through unified software platforms to save time and cost, better manage risk and build high-quality projects. The screen production industry is no exception, with major innovation happening in hardware, graphics, special effects and advanced editing systems. Last month entertainment journalist Michael Idato described Apple’s TV ramp up as “the second coming of the streaming age” and we have seen an unprecedented unbundling of viewers and digital platform disruption. Viewers have become producers. Broadcasters have become creators. Apple is building a “gateway” for third-party services. There are tens of billions being spent this year on content creation alone, across the range of budgets from mega to shoestring. More people are watching more content, for more time, on more devices, than ever before.

With so much that's exciting, disruptive and revolutionary in this new golden age of content, it has never been more important for screen production companies to power up their collaboration capabilities - within teams, across departments throughout organisations, and just as importantly, with external partners and suppliers. 

The winners will be those who seriously embrace creativity as a business opportunity, and that means adopting creative production technology to help their teams work smarter, faster and more effectively in creative innovation. They will win more deals, make better shows, leverage them more effectively, and do all this cheaper and faster than those who don't. 

Here's four ways screen production companies can power up to win:

1. Innovation based on speed and partnership

We are in a race for ideas and the ability to leverage them at the right time, which means that capturing ideas and building on them in a way that takes advantage of everyone's up-to-date information is key. Connecting intelligence rapidly, leveraging the work of every department and being open to working in a more flexible and transparent way are just as important. Incredible improvement to creative outcomes and the bottom line come when pre and post production teams collaborate positively in one place online, as if they were in the same room. 2. Double, Triple Ups

Nothing should be said twice. Nothing done twice.  Our workflows across time are plagued with duplication.  Even down to the collection of a phone number - if someone, sometime made a contact in your organisation, that contact should be accessible to every member of your organisation for ever. 

3. Automate repetitive tasks

Gone are the days when any production team can spend hours or days wasted on a task that can be automated. A Lumi.Media customer has recently revolutionised its show casting of a show that had 3,000 potential cast members, by moving the auditioning process online and capturing all relevant information as it happened in the auditions. Nothing was put on paper and no information was missed or forgotten. It is there for this season, next season and for eternity. The casting team, who used to work until well past midnight at the end of auditions (compiling information, summaries etc), now close by 6pm and go home with everyone else, celebrating a successful day. Automated rundowns and call sheets (the holy grail!) can give a production manager their life back, and importantly, more time to make a better show.

4. Driving innovation and efficiency into the production company

Many organisations have so many shows making it critical that they coordinate effectively across their productions and departments to manage assets and usage efficiently, improve quality and reduce cost. Access to up-to-date information enables immediate and better decision-making and makes better use of resources and facilities, helping everyone on the team to deliver their best.

For many years I worked with talented and passionate teams to grow and deliver creative ideas, talent and projects.  We didn't imagine then that software could deliver us inspiration to help us do our jobs. "You can't harness creatives" was the common call. But you can. By unifying all the end-to-end elements, and bringing everyone together to ignite creativity and boost productivity. As many producers and production managers now know, by using the Lumi platform, anyone in creative industries who wants to get the best out of their team’s skills, needs to be enabled by smart, collaborative, enabling technology. 

Thanks for reading! Lumi is a powerful end-to-end creative production platform that is helping creative teams work better together. It's perfect for teams involved in screen production, broadcasting, talent management, sports, events and festivals.