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The casting challenge

Are you responsible for casting and constantly asking questions like:

  • How do I keep track of the thousands of candidates applying for a show?
  • Is there any easier way of chasing up paperwork and then storing it?
  • Where do I record the nuanced information about a candidate and be able to find it later?
  • How do we ensure the cast is well balanced?
  • How do I keep everything updated for everyone?

Lumi’s centralised casting hub is for you

Enable fast efficient casting

Find the best cast for your project and manage them efficiently across the production

Holistic candidate profiles with deep insights

See everything

Leverage IP

Reduce duplication

Maximise resources

Everything you need, in one place

  • Leverage your IP – search for and draw candidates from a central pool.
  • Segmentation – create a list of potentially suitable candidates refining by demographic/psychographic characteristics.
  • Create holistic candidate profiles with deep insights
  • Visualise individual candidates in 3D.
  • Understand physical traits, character, archetypes, availability, risk profile, and more.

  • Create custom application forms and questionnaires in your preferred casting outreach platform.
  • Review and rate your applicants and send a shortlist, or all applicants, to Lumi.
  • Lumi Cards are created instantly with essential information, a PDF of the application, and a link back to the online application if required.
  • Easily rate and sort your cast, filtering by variables such as city, relationship status, gender, skills, or any relevant custom information.



  • Visualise specific candidates via their individual cards.
  • Cards capture everything about the candidate in a single place.
  • Store and work on audition and producer notes, contact details, photos, audition videos, showreels, social media links, links to edit cut downs, wardrobe, red flags, interview questions, paperwork, and more.
  • Schedule, review, rate, and sort, balance your cast or compile and pitch.
  • See multiple views of the same information, without duplicating effort.
  • Update once, update everywhere, for everyone, in real-time.


  • Lumi’s configurable dashboard updates live.
  • Stay across the latest A rated cast, or monitor numbers coming through in real-time to allocate resources accordingly.
  • Access trackers and overviews with one click for a paperless casting tour.
  • Use saved searches and dated filters to show your team what they need to see, when.


  • Manage single audition days, or longer audition tours, in a dynamic online hub.
  • Update an individual’s status, record audition notes, and compile assessor ratings in a single place.
  • View updates from anywhere in real-time.
  • Review and compare candidates.
  • Create a collection of top-rated candidates.
  • Post-audition – request further documentation, update status, and provide immediate visibility of any red flags that arise to the executive team.


  • Put your favourite casting options on a Lumi Board.
  • Play around with pairings, move and re-size, create your own labels and visualise your cast.
  • Go into your pitch with a live 3D Board that moves and shows options as the client makes changes.



  • Once your cast is locked, simply keep adding to their cast cards.
  • Backstories, master interviews, promotions, digital teams – everyone works in the same place.





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End to end production management

  • Create candidate reports and visualisations.
  • Monitor progress via a live dashboard.
  • Slash your carbon footprint with paperless auditions.
  • Prepare your pitch to the network or client.
  • Centralise crewing and resource information.
  • Build on information about crew members across time.
  • Reduce duplication and misinformation.
  • Make better decisions leveraging information learned over time.
  • Move beyond complicated, one-dimensional spreadsheets
  • View and manage everything in a central hub
  • Use the information in multiple ways, simultaneously
  • Update once, update everywhere, for everyone

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