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Improve visibility and control over every single project and resource

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The Challenge

Are you trying to keep track of everything across multiple projects?

Need to see what everyone is doing and where money is being spent?

Looking for ways to actively increase efficiency, reduce costs, streamline production, and implement sustainable work practices?

The key to solving these challenges lies in the ability to centralise your entire production process in one powerful hub to give you visibility and control over every project and resource.


Enable faster, more efficient production

Build a central network of information, improve visibility and get immediate context for every project in real-time

Complete visibility
of every project and resource on your slate

Faster production

Centralised information

Maximise resources

Future proof

I’ve introduced other production systems in previous workplaces but none have the flexibility of Lumi. The Lumi team are terrific and incredibly patient. Always willing to help and look at ways of improving the system.

Greg Miles - Head of Broadcast and Facilities -

Centralise and streamline information and resources

  • Better overview of all projects in production.
  • Real-time 3-dimensional views of every show, day, and project.
  • Plan, strategise, and then communicate the plan up and down the line.
  • Understand visually what’s happening, when.
  • See projects grow in Lumi across time.



  • Actively increase efficiency and team productivity
  • Minimize duplication of effort
  • Reduce the potential for human error
  • Reduce file sharing and long email trails.
  • Enhance communication
  • Streamline onboarding and communication with crew, clients, and talent.



  • Find what you need faster
  • Make the best decisions and maximise your resources.
  • Create dynamic IP banks for your organisation including crewing, locations, ideas, and intelligence.
  • Never lose information or duplicate effort.



  • Create a central hub to capture information about market demands and trends.
  • Better understand what buyers are buying
  • Ensure your organisation is pitching content that meets consumer demand.




  • Centralise communication
  • Record contacts, interactions, and information.
  • Maximise your time – invite external parties into Lumi or share relevant information directly from the hub.
  • Ensure everyone knows exactly what’s happening – what to sell, what’s on-air, what’s coming down the line.


  • Slash your carbon footprint
  • Streamline technology
  • Reduce the number of single-purpose applications being used
  • Perfect for modern content production, including remote work.



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Everything in one place

  • Create candidate reports and visualisations.
  • Monitor progress via a live dashboard.
  • Slash your carbon footprint with paperless auditions.
  • Prepare your pitch to the network or client.
  • Centralise crewing and resource information.
  • Build on information about crew members across time.
  • Reduce duplication and misinformation.
  • Make better decisions leveraging information learned over time.
  • Move beyond complicated, one-dimensional spreadsheets
  • View and manage everything in a central hub
  • Use the information in multiple ways, simultaneously
  • Update once, update everywhere, for everyone
  • Everything from brief to delivery lives in Lumi.
  • Plan and communicate things once only.
  • See everything as it happens regardless of physical location.
  • Be immediately responsive to things that happen in the field.
  • With all departments working from the same place, it’s easy to ensure any client promises are kept.
  • Track client briefs and sponsor mentions across programs.
  • Help the integration and content teams work better together.
  • Replace complicated archive spreadsheets with live Lumi Lists or Trackers.
  • Have an overview of archive material, cast, stories, and episodes with one click.
  • One hub means you’re always across the latest costings, status, and clearance

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