A powerful, purpose-built
platform for creative teams.

Collaborate, build, and deliver projects in one place, online.

Collaborative content

Build the way your project builds - organically, creatively and with input and decisions by many people.

An integrated platform for content makers, Lumi makes it faster and easier to pull everything together.

Whether you are creating television, drama, radio, a live event or a sports broadcast, Lumi helps you manage the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY.

Intuitive production planning

With Lumi's dynamic functionality, teams can build, plan and track all elements of a project in one place; protecting your IP in a secure, digital platform. No more scribbled notes, convoluted email trails, or time wasted trying to get updates through outmoded distribution chains.

With everyone working in Lumi, you can be sure your team are always looking at the most up-to-date information.

Keep your team on track, reduce duplication and avoid misinformation using Lumi's digital workflow management tool, live digitised briefs, forecasts and schedules.

Dynamic dashboards

Lumi's dynamic dashboards give you complete control over what, where, and how your work is displayed.

Dashboards update automatically with real-time data. Whenever a change is made to a project or card, any dashboard that draws on that information is updated. You get real-time information, every time.

Place documents, images and media front and centre on your dashboard for easy access and less clicks. Display web links and external media. Individuals can customise dashboards using the "favourites" option to bookmark their favourite items.

Easily access relevant items for your project using project sets. Build a collection of assets such as cards, boards, and media, and keep them together in one place. Create a new set for each phase of your project (pre, production, post) or group things by day, week, episode, shoot or person.

Live interactive scheduling

Streamline your planning and production processes using Lumi's comprehensive suite of scheduling tools.

Day schedules - plan your day down to the minute and turn these schedules into call sheets. Link talent, crew and locations to line items so they also pull automatically into the call sheet.

These schedules feature a live mode so you can follow where you are up to on the day.  You have the capability to bump the whole day if you are running late.

Rundowns - manage live show rundowns, create event runsheets, or build trackers using Lumi functionality.

Paperless casting and auditions 

On audition days, Lumi kanbans allow you to monitor your cast's progress in real-time. Visualise how many people have registered, how many are waiting, how many haven't showed up, and more importantly - how many you like. Use drag and drop technology to progress individuals through audition rounds and interviews. Record and track information important to your project, then review, rate, and sort based on your own grading system.

Compile and pitch using Lumi's live 3D boards. Digital headshots allow you to play around with pairings, move and re-size, create your own labels and see what your cast is looking like as it develops. In the pitch, the live board gives you the flexibility to move cards and show options as the client makes changes.

Move seamlessly to production in Lumi. Once your cast is locked, moving into production is easy. Simply add to the existing cast cards. Plan out their key stories, backstories, shoots, interviews, travel information, contracts and more.

Security, compliance and scalability

Lumi is deployed on Microsoft Azure’s SaaS platform.

The App and document servers are hosted in Microsoft Azure data centres in the “Australia East” region (in NSW, Australia). All data in Lumi is kept safe in Azure’s double encrypted, offsite redundant backup storage. All media (documents, images etc.) and the database data itself are encrypted in transit (SSL) and at rest.


Our job is not done. We believe that we can make Lumi even better, so we continue to work closely with industry and partners to understand what else we can incorporate.

As a result, we regularly release new features and functionality designed to make it even easier to bring your projects to life.

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