Lumi is a powerful, secure, digital office, that supports your team and brings them together. Whether you are office-based, a virtual team, or a combination of the two - Lumi provides the structure, support and transparency required for teams to work productively - regardless of location or timezone.

Projects require a team of people to design, develop, contribute information and make decisions, and this rarely happens in a linear path. Lumi is designed to work with the natural flow of your project. It captures the input and decisions of many people, and then brings order and insight to your information.

Run from a team dashboard, configured by you, Lumi adapts to your team and enables you to manage your information, assets, documents, status updates and historical context. 

Digitised cards act as a single, central point of collection for ideas, strategic planning, communication, tasks, contracts and more. Digital workflow and project management tools then pull this information into task appropriate, real-time, 3D views. Switch between macro and micro levels of information seamlessly. Dive into any element directly from the overview to get rich, contextual information.

Unify your information and communication, improve productivity and keep people connected - to their project, the organisation and to each other. 


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Corporate Training
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