Easily accessible, real-time information, creates a more cohesive production team.

Lumi Customer Story - A Director's Perspective

Jake Taylor is an audio producer and TV series director.

He has worked on over 50 entertainment/reality and fixed-rig shows, in both the UK and Australia, including Big Brother-UK, Hells Kitchen-UK, House Rules, Great Australian Bake Off and First Dates.

What was your biggest challenge? What problem were you trying to solve?

"In 24 hour recording of shows we are constantly challenged by keeping editorial updated with events and dynamics within the contributors. Often handovers are from tired and rushed people just trying to get home, resulting in key information getting lost in the shift-changes.

We needed something that could be easily accessed that would give both a highlights and details of the last shifts editorial content, as well as any practical housekeeping that would be useful for us to know or act upon."


Why did you choose Lumi? 

"Previously, we were using call sheets, emails, texts, and in-person briefings. Lumi is a plug and play system that just appears to work without any fuss or complicated interface."


What was it about the platform that stood out the most?

"The obvious advantage is being able to access the information on your own mobile device easily and swiftly whilst on the go. At breakfast you can see what the overnight story producer has flagged is editorially relevant and you can be prepared for any issues the gallery producer has encountered that they were unable to resolve."


How has Lumi improved your production? 

"The advantage of having easily accessible information that can be shared as a team returns from location to rejoin another team means that we have been able to segue from one location to another without having to put contributors into a holding pattern whilst the teams handover. So the info required can be disseminated into an instantly shareable folder with updates etc."


How has Lumi brought your team together?Testimonial - Jake Taylor, Director

"Traditionally editorial and crew are often 2 different entities with agendas that do not always seem to match.

The inclusion of crew and the directing team into the editorial direction and decisions by means of an app has made communication easier and more effective.

It is a painless process to access the information and allows everyone to know what has happened and what is expected to happen. This allows for a more cohesive team that feels inclusive and involved in all areas of the process."


What is your favourite thing about using Lumi?

"Being able to access information in the field or on location that is usually in a file back in the office such as contestants details, bio's etc."


How easy it is to use Lumi?

"Lumi is very easy and intuitive to use."


What is working with the Lumi team like?

"The Lumi team are very knowledgeable, and quick to respond to a challenge."


What would you say to others who are considering Lumi?

"Lumi is flexible and intuitive and can be used in multiple media environments. From film and tv drama production through to podcasting. I have been in the TV industry for around 25 years and have seen software and solutions come and go in this space. Lumi is the first solution that I have been able to adopt seamlessly and without having to spend time trying to understand what I need to do to make it work. Once it has been set up it just works."