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Lumi Media Customer Story - Post Production


Sheldon Wynne is an Australian producer/director. His first experience using Lumi was on a Jam TV co-production with Amazon Australia. He worked as a Senior Post Producer on the observational documentary series.

What was your biggest challenge? What problem were you trying to solve?

"The biggest challenge for any post producer I believe is to undergo the editing process without leaving behind scenes, shots or moments that are going to garnish the final product perfectly. No one forgets big scenes - but creating the building blocks, or the reminders or the nuances that embellish those scenes is where the real challenge is.

Lumi offers a system that ensures you have the tools to be able to find or track those moments and keep them accessible throughout the post process. Especially the search functionality which means that searching words - not just keywords, but any word - can be the key to rediscovering moments that otherwise would be lost in the paperwork."


Why did you choose Lumi? What was it about the platform that stood out the most?

"To be honest, I met Lumi with some reservations at the beginning. The creative part of me that loves shaping a story, doesn't warm to the idea of a system that is going to take on some of that role.

But Lumi isn't about substituting or over-systemising the creative process, it's about giving me the opportunity to focus on the creative process more. Essentially, the logistical component of my role is heavily supported by Lumi, so that I can focus on the part that affects the audience the most - the content."


How has Lumi improved your production?

"I think Lumi has a big future in a 'post-coronavirus' world. Lumi enables a production's logistical infrastructure to be accessible from wherever you're isolating.

More importantly, if coronavirus does see us embrace elements of remote working, then Lumi is a logical choice for any production - because it not only ensures the production infrastructure is immediately available to everyone - but it also allows our work to be immediately shared with everyone. Therefore, while we may work remotely, we can still work as a team."

Testimonial - Sheldon Wynne, Post Producer

How has Lumi brought your team together?

"Lumi's strongest service is how it allows you to reuse the information. Gone are the days of retyping out documents because they have to be done a little differently, Lumi means that the information uploaded by teammates is there for everyone to repurpose in the way that suits their role in the production."


What is working with the Lumi team like?

"The Lumi team ensures using the system is quicker and easier. They have a great knowledge of the product, obviously, but also offer ideas of how you can do things easier. Plus, the speed at which they are able to respond to requests means that you're not stuck waiting around for answers, you're quickly moving on to your next task."


What would you say to others who are considering Lumi?

"To be honest, the thing I like about Lumi isn't even part of Lumi yet. The exciting thing about the system is what it's going to be in five years from now. You can see in the system's fundamentals and its flexibility that it is going to be a strong part of TV production in the future and will build an amazing range of functions that will make every productions' life easier."