Improving the storage of field notes, and communication between field and post.

Lumi Customer Story - A Producer's Perspective


Daniel O'Sullivan is a versatile writer/producer with experience in narrative drama, comedy, journalism, sports broadcasting and reality television. 

He first used Lumi while working as a Senior Story Producer on an observational documentary series, a Jam TV co-production with Amazon Australia.

What was your biggest challenge? What problem were you trying to solve?

"Working in the field for long periods and shooting every day, we were concerned about the management of field notes and keeping track of stories across multiple units filming at the same time. We also wanted to ensure there was clean communication to a separate post team."


Why did you choose Lumi? What was it about the platform that stood out the most?

"There were basically zero platforms that were as intuitive as Lumi for Field Producers. Formerly, we would use email or Google Docs, which would become unwieldy over a long shoot schedule. This is the first of it's kind basically, and the clean and intuitive workspace was easy to use from the get-go."


How has Lumi improved your production? 

"Lumi has improved the storage of field notes and the communication between field and post markedly. It has also enabled executives on the show to be immediately responsive to a story that happens in the field."


How has Lumi brought your team together?Testimonial - Daniel O'Sullivan, Producer

"Lumi has enabled clear lines of communication about stories, across multiple team members, in real-time."


What is your favourite thing about using Lumi?

"Lumi invites instant feedback from executives and post producers about work in the field."


How easy it is to use Lumi? 

"Very easy after an initial orientation."


What is working with the Lumi team like?

All queries have been handled promptly by Lumi Customer Care."


What would you say to others who are considering Lumi?

"When used correctly it can revolutionise the way field communicates with post. Bridging a gap that shouldn't exist, but unfortunately does, in Australian TV."