Both staff and students will benefit from Lumi's collaborative platform. Strategic planning, project based work and knowledge management are all effectively managed in Lumi.

Improve productivity and protect your IP with Lumi.




Lumi for Faculty 

Lumi is a work platform that supersedes shared drives, internal emails, and inefficient file folders.

Fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and hosted on Microsoft Azure - Lumi passes all the security tests and is built for scale.

Digitised cards act as a single, central point of collection for ideas, projects, tasks, communication, strategic planning, contracts and more.

Standardised templates can be replicated easily ensuring consistency and improving productivity.

Lumi provides overviews and detailed information so that you have exactly what you need, when you need it. Teams have a place to work, a virtual office, that is exactly the same in the classroom, when working remotely, or anywhere on-campus. 


Lumi for Students

Students will learn how to collaborate efficiently and prepare themselves for a new digital future of cloud based technology.

Capture information, develop ideas, manage tasks, collaborate, and draw on past experience. 

Lumi gives you the information you need in the format you need it - without ever leaving the platform. Students and staff can access high-level (macro) overviews or rich, contextual detail (micro) as needed. 


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