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Lumi collaboration software for Entertainment and Reality Television productions


Your team together in a single digital workplace.

Control Room

Manage your show from a digital control room. Accessible on-demand, from any location.


Casting & Auditions

Move from casting and auditions, to production and delivery seamlessly.


Field Production

Live shoot logs, field notes and hot sheets. Universal updates in real time.


Post Production

Access information in real-time. Choose how information is displayed and use the advanced search to find what you need.


Manage Sponsors

Keep your promises and increase visibility with Lumi.


Executive Views

Transparency, accessibility and security. People, information and communication in one place.


Create efficiencies

Save time

Reduce costs

Increase visibility

Minimise duplication

Real-time collaboration

Benefits of using Lumi

"While casting a reality TV show I was able to use Lumi to schedule talent. The entire team could get an overview of what our audition day would look like and we had access to it online all day... making it really easy to manage".

Holly Bryar - Casting Producer
Connect teams in real-time

Digital Control Room

  • Configure the team dashboard to suit the needs of your show.
  • Control what is displayed – critical, frequently accessed information placed up front.
  • Drag-and-drop technology makes it easy to use.
  • Configure once and then get on with the show.
  • Everyone works from the same dashboard and uses "favourites" to personalise their view.

Lumi Media software - digital control room for entertainment and reality tv shows


Manage casting and auditions with Lumi collaboration software


Casting and Auditions

  • Turn online applications into cast cards then pull them into a schedule and plan out your day.
  • Monitor cast moving through rounds on audition day. See an overview and track the status of each applicant.
  • See how many people have registered, how many are waiting and see casting notes in real-time.
  • Move seamlessly from casting to production and promotions.
  • Once your cast is locked, simply keep adding to their cast cards. Backstories, master interviews, promotions, digital teams - everyone works in the same place.

Field Production

  • Schedule shoots using day schedules.
  • Add field notes and hot sheets directly into Lumi or use live, time-coded shoot logs.
  • Connect nightshifts and dayshifts in 24 hour turnaround.
  • Notes are immediately "in place" and available for use in real-time.​
  • Create faster feedback loops and solve problems on the fly - know where the gaps are and save teams going back into the field.
  • Save overshooting – know what you have and be confident to call time on a shoot.​ ​

Lumi collaboration software - live time-coded logs make field production teams more efficient


Manage post production easily with Lumi collaboration software



  • Real-time delivery of content into post-production.
  • Plan story, episode and series rundowns.
  • Pull the information on episode or story cards into a List for a powerful and instant overview of your work.
  • Create customised shortcuts, log the best moments, interviews, and scenes in timecode logs. 
  • Advanced search helps you find what you need - a log, phrase, word, persons interview etc.  
  • Export the logs and marker direct to your edit to save time.

Manage Sponsors 

  • With all departments working from the same place, it's easy to ensure any client promises are kept.

  • Track client briefs and sponsor mentions across programs.

  • Ensure the integration and content teams are working together seamlessly.

Archive management for TV and Film made easy with Lumi collaboration software


Executive overviews for entertainment and reality television with Lumi Media collaboration software


Executive Overview

  • Run projects end-to-end. Everything lives in Lumi.
  • Improve team efficiency, reduce file sharing and long email trails.
  • Template cards and documents for uniformity.
  • Pull information seamlessly through your workflows without duplicating effort.
  • Work at a macro or micro level. Get the level of detail you need, when you need it.

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