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Lumi powers cloud-based centralization of production, casting, and crewing – streamlining content production workflow with an efficient, always up-to-date source of truth for teams.

The Lumi SaaS platform uses simple, powerful cards to grow knowledge over time, enabling screen content teams to easily share information and collaborate in real-time.

Lumi works best for professional teams where many people and moving pieces must come together to deliver a project.

We recognised that content production teams work differently. These teams need systems and structure but not at the expense of creativity, or the creative process.

Lumi connects individual contributors to the whole story, in real-time to:

  • Have immediate context for their role, no matter when they join the project.
  • Spend less time trying to find and understand information.
  • Easily see and build on the stories being worked on by others in the project.
  • Work on scripts, briefs, build storyboards etc collaboratively, with version control capability.
  • Identify and track story threads through to the end, even if team members change throughout the project.

Lumi scales to meet the needs of small, medium, and large organisations.

No matter what size your team is, how quickly projects fire up, where your team members are located or the genre/format of your project, Lumi provides a configurable, secure hub that enables your people to work productively and securely, using familiar tools, supported by industry experts.

Lumi is deployed on Microsoft Azure’s SaaS service.

The app and document servers are hosted in Microsoft Azure data centres in the “Australia East” region (in NSW, Australia).

All data in Lumi is kept safe in Azure’s double encrypted, offsite redundant backup storage. All media (documents, images etc.) and the database data itself is encrypted in transit (SSL) and at rest.

Azure provides extremely secure facilities with world-class backup and security.

Lumi credentials:

  • GDPR compliant
  • Strong User Authentication
    • OKTA integration
    • 2FA
    • Identity Server integration
  • Powered by Microsoft Azure
  • Protected by Cloudflare and Secure Stack
  • Encryption in transit and at rest
  • Access and Vault management
  • Led by industry experts

To find out more about how we ensure your data is kept safe download the Security Guide here.


Lumi is a platform designed by producers for producers. It empowers and enables users to build and deliver projects – start to finish – then retain the IP for next time.

Lumi is unique as it underpins both creative vision and execution, delivering source material to downstream teams in a consistent, structured way that enables fast-paced teams to get on with the job of making great content.

Our distinctive end-to-end approach to production, casting, and crewing empowers teams to work effectively, together – anywhere, anytime.

Every single word is searchable in Lumi. That means every idea you ever created, pitched, ditched or used, is instantly at your fingertips, within the cards and documents. A few focused keyword searches will surface all your old ideas. You’ll have a relevant list, giving you the inspiration you need, within seconds.

Whether it’s every idea you’ve ever had that involved family-oriented outdoor events for fast food, or the number of that funny redhead we met at the first audition in year one – Lumi will find it for you in an instant.

Casting is a whole lot easier in Lumi and it’s paperless! Take your cast from application to project delivery, securely in one place.

  • A central hub for all on-screen talent
  • Register and communicate with applicants
  • Manage candidates.
  • Audition
  • Pitch
  • Produce

To find out more about Lumi’s on-screen talent hub click here.


Lumi brings everyone together to work in one cohesive and collaborative place online.

That means you can keep your production going; everyone is kept in the loop and contributing effectively in real-time, wherever they are located.

Members of the team can work from home, from the beach, or on location, and still be together on Lumi.

Working in Lumi means there’s no longer a crisis if someone is sick, or even if they leave a project before their role is complete.

Lumi is a home base for every aspect of the project which means each person involved works from the same main dashboard.

Everyone’s notes, storyboards, look books, casting sheets, communication and schedules become part of a searchable, easy-to-use foundation.

Picking up where anyone left off would be as easy as visiting their Lumi cards, seeing a full context of their contributions to date, and getting on with the job.

Lumi makes it possible for remote supervising producers to be as close to the on-location action as if they were there.

From their laptop, tablet, or even their phone, producers can see shoot logs and real-time updates of everything that’s happening.

Within Lumi, they can pass on feedback to on-location producers, add requests and importantly, ensure all the right content has been collected before the shoot concludes.

Lumi holds the creative vision by conveying balance, tone, and style at every stage of a project.

As the project moves from ideation into planning, and shoot into to post-production and delivery, everyone who joins or works in different departments has the same access to the vision, history, decisions, changes, and context.

This helps everyone do the best job they can and keeps the project on track and on vision.

Because everything is worked on in one place, in the same document, the issue of version control and miscommunication about changes disappears.

Comments, changes, notes and decisions are transparent to everyone.

The whole team can be confident they are always looking at the most up-to-date, “live” version of a script, document, tracker, list, rundown etc.

Everyone, including field and post-production teams, can stay up to date and connected in Lumi.

Anyone who needs to can see an overview of where every episode is at on their tracker – including what needs to be cut, what needs to be recut, what’s ready for screening, and what’s been approved.

As each episode moves to its next stage, this information is updated on the episode card, which is immediately reflected across Lumi.

In Lumi, permission problems become a non-issue.

Producers can create, track and upload releases and compliance trackers, ensuring nothing goes to air without permission.

Meeting client requirements just got a whole lot easier now that everything, including screening notes, is developed, captured, and managed in Lumi.

With a simple “screen notes” tab in every episode card, post producers can see everything the client has said and mark off when each item has been done.

Forget the excel tracker – producers and production managers can now have a live overview of how their whole team is doing.

Leaders can assign shoots or tasks to producers in Lumi and stay across the entire team’s workflow. Because they can see the whole picture, they can allocate resources more effectively – whether balancing a cast, planning out the day to avoid overtime, or saving the team from redoing a recce of a location already looked at for multiple projects.

A sponsorship manager promised the location some exposure in the show?

They no longer need to email out yet another version of the sponsorship proposal, or constantly check up about what’s been delivered.

Working in Lumi, sponsorship managers can research, pitch, and sell sponsorship, then easily track that promises are kept from concept and shoot, through to delivery.


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