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We believe that dynamically connected teams make better content.

Everything we do is founded on four core values:

  • We empower teams to be their best, together.
  • We build understanding through transparency, clear communication, and context.
  • We solve difficult problems through a creative and empathetic filter.
  • We make clever technology that enhances creativity and productivity.

We are the creators of a revolutionary new approach to content making that empowers production teams to be their best, together.

Lumi solves the problem of misinformation and duplication experienced by disconnected teams working simultaneously to deliver projects.

Lumi brings real-time unity, knowledge and clarity to high performance, professional, content production teams by connecting the entire team to the whole story.

Lumi customers are professional content makers working in project and production teams across many industries and timezones. They work in environments where many people and moving pieces must come together to deliver a project.

What else do they have in common? They are all looking for a way to bring their teams together in a single, digital hub to maximise resources, budgets and people and create the most entertaining and influential content.

Our customers include tv and film production companies, specialty sports channels, commercial radio teams, creative agencies, animators and podcasters. We have offices in Australia and the UK.

Lumi is a platform designed by creatives that empowers and enables users, to build and deliver projects – start to finish – then retain the IP for next time.

Lumi is unique as it underpins both creative vision and execution; providing systems, strength and structure to fast-paced teams.

Our distinctive end-to-end approach to planning, scheduling, running orders and IP retention empowers teams to work effectively, together – anywhere, anytime.

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