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How Lumi Works

From applications to casting, talent management and production Lumi brings together all the pieces of your puzzle in real-time.

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We’ve reimagined how content production teams work together

As producers, we understand that the more time you and your team spend searching for and making sense of information, the less time there is for everything else.

Simplify information sharing and workflow while enabling teams to execute faster, more securely, and more cost-effectively.

Cards that grow knowledge over time

The Lumi platform uses simple, powerful cards to grow knowledge over time,
collecting and collating the contribution of every individual team member.

Everything in one place

By bringing everything into one place,
Lumi does the heavy lifting for you.

Depth and context

Every detail, photo, link, and decision on a Lumi Card adds depth and context to your project. Nothing is ever lost.

Access from anywhere

The information held on Lumi Cards is available to everyone on the team to use in whatever way they want, accessible from any location.

Vault sensitive information

If you need to restrict access to sensitive information
Lumi Vaults can do that for you.

Multiple views

See things your way. From micro to macro, from tracker lists to visual boards. Get the full picture and the detail.

Universal updates

Cards in Lumi update universally. Wherever that Card appears you can be sure that it is the most recent, most up-to-date information available.

The Lumi difference

Better use of time, money, and resources is just the beginning

Made by producers for producers



A cloud-based hub that enables teams to work effectively from wherever they are



Real-time information for a fast-moving industry



Familiar digital tools enhanced with visual and 3D capability

A configurable platform that flexes to work with and for you



Strong security credentials and the ability to scale rapidly to meet your needs.



Rapid onboarding that gets users up and running in minutes



Fully supported service and deployment of the platform

Connected production


Give everyone on your team immediate context for their role, no matter when they join a project, and from wherever they work.

On-screen Talent / Casting

Discover and manage talent – from applicant registration through to project delivery – securely in one place.

Off-screen Talent / Crewing

Find the best person for every job, quickly and easily. Lumi helps you get from talent pool to shortlist faster.


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