Lumi customers work across many industries and timezones. They generally work in busy environments with lots of moving pieces. 

What else do they have in common? They are all looking for a more flexible and dynamic way of working - where everything is in one place. They are tired of having IP spread across many applications. They want to improve productivity but can't find the answer in a project management tool alone. 

Enter Lumi - a digital office that works the way you want to work. It provides teams with the depth, texture, context and flexibility to create rich and compelling content and projects. Lumi gives you real-time, high level overviews, it obliterates the problems of different timezones and locations, and it keeps everyone on track with the latest updates and directions. 

As your team’s brains and skills combine - Lumi grows with you. It flexes and scales as you do, tracks, tasks and templates for you.

Whether you are a top-tier executive, or a member of a front-line team - Lumi was made for you.

Media and Entertainment

Media and entertainment teams move fast. Lumi helps teams to keep up by ensuring everyone, from the top down, is on the same page. Lumi's unique functionality brings people, information, communication, decisions and schedules into one place and gives you contextual knowledge, at your fingertips, on-demand.



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Corporate Design and Development

Lumi powers the lifecycle of corporate projects. From brand and strategy, to training programs and major projects; Lumi bring teams together in a platform that unifies information and communication. Improve productivity and keep people connected - to their project, the organisation and to each other - regardless of location or timezone.

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Event Management

Event preparation and planning take on a new look with Lumi. Whether you are planning a large-scale single event, a multi-event production or a travelling roadshow; Lumi will help you bring it to life.

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Both staff and students will benefit from Lumi's collaborative platform. Strategic planning, project based work and knowledge management are all effectively managed in Lumi. Improve productivity and protect your IP with Lumi.

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