Who uses Lumi?

Lumi customers are professional content makers working in project and production teams across many industries and timezones.

They work in environments where many people and moving pieces must come together to deliver a project. 

What else do they have in common?

They are all looking for a way to bring their teams together in a single, digital hub to maximise resources, budgets and people and create the most entertaining and influential content.

Everything in Lumi. Collaboration software for fast-paced teams


Prior to Lumi we had people working on individual PCs and saving key documents like rundowns etc in a shared drive. Lumi enabled the creation of a range of schedules and projects that everyone in the team could access and update as required. We transitioned old fashioned processes and provided the visibility required to run the business in the most efficient way possible. Give it a go, I’ve introduced other production system in previous workplaces but none have the flexibility of Lumi."

Greg Miles - Head of Broadcast & Facilities - Racing.com


Entertainment and reality tv shows made more efficiently with Lumi

Make entertainment and reality television shows more efficiently.

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Sports channel dashboard

Dynamically connect broadcast production teams to real-time information and resources in one robust and secure online hub.

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Lumi's collaboration software for commercial radio

Lumi helps teams keep up in the fast-paced world of commercial radio.

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Lumi supports film and television productions with collaboration software
Film & Television

End-to-end management of documentaries and factual programmes.

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Collaborative software for creative and production agencies

Lumi powers the lifecycle of creative and production agencies. Improve productivity and keep people connected.

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Collaborative software for stronger pitches and faster turnaround times.

Plan and deliver media campaigns with Lumi. Collaboration software for stronger pitches with faster turn-around times.

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