What is a digital workplace?

A digital workplace, or work hub, is a new breed of technology that addresses the specific challenges of team-based organisations.

As a team’s central platform, the place everyone works, it unifies information and communication, enabling streamlined workflows and improved collaboration.

The result?

  • Reduced costs - via improvements in productivity and efficiency.
  • Revenue growth - increased capacity without a corresponding increase in overheads.


How would Lumi's digital workplace benefit my team?

Lumi's digital workplace is designed to streamline day-to-day operations so you can focus more on your core business:

  • Improved visibility - information in real-time, on-demand from wherever you are, 24/7.

  • Streamlined planning - move from strategy to actionable tasks without leaving the platform.

  • A single, central point of collection for all related information.

  • Your work hub becomes the project's knowledge keeper. Capture and store ideas and information that can be accessed on-demand.

  • Reduce duplication of effort with a platform that is designed to share information and give you real-time information.

  • Centralise communication with stakeholders while maintaining full context.

  • Manage information, assets, documents and status updates, in a safe, secure and scalable environment.

  • Digitise and streamline workflows.

  • Faster feedback loops - When everyone works in the same platform it is easy to see where bottlenecks are occurring.


What do we believe?

Lumi.Media believes in a world where high performance creative teams can harness clever technology to reach new heights of creativity and productivity, wherever and whenever they work.

Everything we do is founded on three core values:

  • We empower teams to be their best, together.
  • We build understanding through transparency, clear communication and context
  • We make clever technology that enhances creativity and productivity.


Why was Lumi started?

Lumi was developed to empower creative teams to work more efficiently, together.

Our mission is to bring teams together in one place, driving efficiency and cost-savings by connecting people, digitising workflows and providing real-time visibility of projects in a platform that compliments the creative process.


What problem is Lumi solving?

Lumi solves the problem of misinformation and duplication experienced by disconnected teams working simultaneously to deliver creative projects.

We all want to remove the "us and them" and "I didn't know" from our job.

Creative teams are starting to harness a number of digital applications to solve single challenges within a project. These applications help, but they don't deliver an inclusive place for project creatives, production teams, talent and freelancers to build and deliver the whole project and then, importantly, to keep the IP for next time.

Lumi is a home base for all teams involved in creative projects. It provides the systems, strength and structure creative teams to bring projects to life.


Who uses Lumi?

Lumi's creative production platform is used by professional content makers to pull together ideas, talent, locations and craftspeople to make their programs and projects. 

What connects our industry is a desire to produce and deliver successful content that entertains, informs or influences.  Whatever the content we all build teams, including many freelancers, who need to unite efficiently and effectively to deliver ideas and programs. 

Lumi customers work in high-performance, creative teams involved in:

  • Screen production.

  • Broadcasting.

  • Radio content.

  • Podcasters

  • Media integration.

  • Sporting event management and broadcasting.


What makes Lumi unique?

Lumi is a platform designed by creatives that empowers and enables users, to build and deliver projects - start to finish - then retain the IP for next time.

Lumi is unique as it underpins both creative vision and execution; providing systems, strength and structure to fast-paced teams.

Our distinctive end-to-end approach to planning, scheduling, running orders and IP retention empowers teams to work effectively, together - anywhere, anytime.

Can you show me every idea we've ever had that involved a family oriented outdoor event for fast food? I need inspiration.

Every single word is searchable in Lumi. That means every idea you ever created, pitched, ditched or used, is instantly at your fingertips, within the cards and documents. A few focused keyword searches will surface all your old ideas. You'll have a relevant list, giving you the inspiration you need, within seconds.


Where is Episode 10 in the post-production process?

Everyone, including field and post production teams, can stay up-to-date and connected in Lumi. Anyone who needs to, can see an overview of where every episode is at on their Kanban – including what needs to be cut, what needs to be recut, what's ready for screening, and what's been approved. As each episode moves to its next stage, this information is updated on the episode card, which is immediately reflected across Lumi. 


What were the client's screening notes and have we delivered on them?

Meeting client requirements just got a whole lot easier now that everything, including screening notes, is developed, captured and managed in Lumi. With a simple "screen notes" tab in every episode card, post producers can see everything the client has said and mark off when each item has been done.


I'm in the office, so how do I know what's happening on my location shoots? 

Lumi makes it possible for remote supervising producers to be as close to the on-location action as if they were there. From their laptop, tablet or even their phone, producers can see shoot logs and real time updates of everything that's happening. Within Lumi, they can pass on feedback to on-location producers, add requests and importantly, ensure all the right content has been collected before the shoot concludes.


How do I keep things running seamlessly if I need to replace a crew member, or a key person suddenly falls ill?

Working in Lumi means there's no longer a crisis if someone is sick, or even if they leave a project before their role is complete. Lumi facilitates a home base for every aspect of the project which means each person involved works from the same main dashboard. Everyone's notes, storyboards, look books, casting sheets and schedules become part of a searchable, easy-to-use foundation. Picking up where anyone left off would be as easy as visiting their Lumi cards, seeing a full context of their contributions to date, and getting on with the job.


What's the number of that funny redhead we met at the first audition in year one?

With every word searchable in Lumi, no one needs to stress about remembering the details of someone they met a couple of years ago who might be right for a current series or event. A quick search of those words will bring her up. Create hashtags for keywords, for easy searching and categorisation (eg #dad #girlnextdoor #single) and all the talent you ever met is at your fingertips.


Are we allocating resources correctly?

Forget the excel tracker – producers and production managers can now have a live overview of how their whole team is doing. Leaders can assign shoots or tasks to producers in Lumi and stay across the entire team's workflow. Because they can see the whole picture, they can allocate resources more effectively - whether balancing a cast, planning out the day to avoid overtime, or saving the team from redoing a recce of a location already looked at for multiple projects.


Is this cast balanced - age, gender, ethnicity, personality?

Casting is a whole lot easier in Lumi and it's paperless! Casting managers can turn online applications into Lumi cast cards with one click of a button. Use cards to store contact details, photos, videos, social media links, web-links, producer notes, wardrobe, red flags, interview questions, appearances releases, paperwork and more. Teams can create their own cast grading system, or simply track YES/NO/MAYBE's as they enjoy paperless audition tours.


What was promised to which sponsor in which episode and have we delivered?

A sponsorship manager promised the location some exposure in the show? They no longer need to email out yet another version of the sponsorship proposal, or constantly check up about what's been delivered. Working in Lumi, sponsorship managers can research, pitch and sell sponsorship, then easily track that promises are kept from concept and shoot, through to delivery.


How can I be sure nothing is going to air without permission?

In Lumi, permission problems become a non-issue. Producers can create, track and upload releases and compliance trackers, ensuring nothing goes to air without permission.


How can I be sure that this is the latest version of the script?

Because everything is worked on in one place, in the same document, the issue of version control and miscommunication about changes disappears. Comments, changes, notes and decisions are transparent to everyone. The whole team can be confident they are always looking at the most up to date, "live" version of the script. 


How do I help my team work more flexibly but keep everyone on the same page?

Lumi brings everyone together to work in one cohesive and collaborative place online. That means you can keep your production going; everyone is kept in the loop and contributing effectively in real time, wherever they are located. Members of the team can work from home, from the beach or on location, and still be together on Lumi. 


How do I get my different departments on the same page and working towards the same vision?

Lumi holds the creative vision by conveying balance, tone and style at every stage of a project. As the project moves from ideation into planning, and shoot into to post production and delivery, everyone who joins or works in different departments has the same access to the vision, history, decisions, changes and context. This helps everyone do the best job they can and keeps the project on track and on vision.

How hard is it to use Lumi?

Lumi is really easy to use. We've deliberately made it a very visual, easy to navigate and intuitive system. Because of the way it's been developed, using Lumi requires very minimal training. 

We make sure that Lumi is set-up to suit your industry/situation before you get started, so it's as easy as logging in and making yourself at home.


What sort of content can I manage in Lumi?

Lumi is an integrated platform for content makers that makes it faster and easier to bring everything together. Whether you are creating television, drama, radio, a live event or a sports broadcast, Lumi empowers every member of your team to do their best – understanding the who, what, when, where and why of what they do.  

Below is just a rough idea of some of the many things you can create & manage in Lumi

Film & Television 


Enterprise / Corporate 

  • Crewing & HR
  • Resource Management
  • Scheduling
  • To-Do Lists & Workflow


Can I make suggestions to improve Lumi?

If you have a suggestion on how we might improve a current feature in Lumi or you have a new idea for Lumi, please message us and let us know!

Otherwise check out our forums: 

https://lumihelp.freshdesk.com/a/forums/ to see what ideas have already been suggested! 

We really appreciate the feedback.


Can my whole team use Lumi?

Absolutely! Lumi is a collaborative workspace and is designed to make it easier for teams to work more efficiently, together.  

The more people adding information into Lumi, the more effective it will be. Challenge your team to get onboard and make Lumi the home base of your project.

Help! My invitation link isn't working.

When you are invited to a project in Lumi, you will get an invitation link sent to your email address. If you haven't got an invitation or your invitation isn't working, there are a few things you can do to access Lumi.

If you have not received an invitation (and your Project Administrator has definitely invited you):

  • The Lumi invitation link will be emailed to whichever address your Project Administrator has submitted. This means that they could have sent it to a different email address for you, so double check all of your addresses (you can change your Lumi email in User Settings later).
  • The invitation may be in your junk mail, so check there too!

Your invitation link isn't working:

  • The Lumi invitation link expires after 7 days. If you have not accessed Lumi within 7 days after being invited, contact your Project Administrator and ask them to resend the invitation. 
  • You may have already accessed Lumi, in which case you do not need to use the invitation link again. Simply go to the Lumi.Media page https://www.lumi.media/ and sign in. Hit forgot password if you cannot remember your login details.


My login isn't working.

To access Lumi go to https://www.lumi.media/

  • A chrome browser works best!
  • Your username is the email address which you received your invitation to Lumi from your Project Administration.
  • If you've forgotten the password you set up, please hit "forgot password" and reset your password.


How do I change/reset my password?

To access Lumi go to https://www.lumi.media/

  • Your username is your email address which you received your invitation to Lumi from your Project Administration.
  • If you've forgotten the password you set up, please hit "forgot password" and reset your password.

How secure is Lumi?

Lumi is deployed on Microsoft Azure’s SaaS service.
The App and document servers are hosted in Microsoft Azure data centres in the “Australia East” region (in NSW, Australia).
All data in Lumi is kept safe in Azure’s double encrypted, offsite redundant backup storage. All media (documents, images etc.) and the database data itself are encrypted in transit (SSL) and at rest.

More information is available here.


Can I restrict access to something in Lumi?

You can restrict access to something in Lumi by vaulting it. Cards, documents and boards can be vaulted. This makes it inaccessible to anyone not in the vault. 

You may want your team to have access to a card but not one of the attachments, you can vault this item and restrict their access. You could have a board which only certain members of the team have access, by vaulting it. 

Every Lumi user has a personal vault, and you can also create a group vault with multiple users.

"Lumi is so good for communicating to the broader team and getting info out efficiently, concisely and quickly.  It's not just my creative getting through, but creative ideas coming back the other way too. I can jump onto Lumi and see exactly what my team is working on in real time."

Cathie Scott Executive Producer