What is Lumi?

Lumi is an online collaborative workspace made for fast-paced, creative teams.

It is a place where your ideas take shape, are harnessed and then executed like well-oiled machines.

Our unique, end-to-end approach to planning, scheduling, running orders and IP retention empowers teams to work effectively, together - anywhere, anytime.

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A powerful, secure and dynamic platform; Lumi supports creative, field and production teams to deliver their best output and results, however they want to work and whatever they are making.

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Lumi builds the way a project builds - organically, creatively, and with input and decisions by many people.  All the pieces of your puzzle grow in one place, in real time, in a way that is highly visible and understandable by everyone. 

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The base elements of Lumi are:

  • Dynamic Cards

  • Active Boards

  • Context Views

Dynamic Cards are used to represent the who, what, when, where and why of your project - including locations, talent, scenes, crew, ideas, tasks, challenges ... anything.

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Active Boards are visual collections of cards, and can become concepts, a series, shoot days, cast management, or even rundown plans.

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Context Views help move your work through any process, including task status (do-doing-done), timeline, schedule, running order and real-time team status updates. 

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