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The challenge

Content production requires many people and moving pieces to come together to deliver a project. Teams may be spread across locations, shifts, and time zones making effective communication of information and decisions up and down the line a challenge.

People moving in and out of the project need to get up to speed quickly but when information is spread across multiple systems and email inboxes it can be difficult to find and understand everything in the required timeframe.

Individual contributors build on the work of others and rely on getting information in a timely manner. If information is slow to be sent, or outdated information is mistakenly used, the entire production can be impacted.

Solving these challenges lies in the ability to bring everything about the project into one place, giving every person real-time information and immediate context for their role.

The entire team connected to the whole story

Everyone has immediate context for their role, no matter when they join a project, and from wherever they work.

Spend less time trying to find and understand information

See everything

Leverage IP

Reduce duplication

Maximise resources

Lumi is flexible and intuitive and can be used in multiple media environments. From film and tv drama production through to podcasting.

I have been in the TV industry for around 25 years and have seen software and solutions come and go in this space. Lumi is the first solution that I have been able to adopt seamlessly and without having to spend time trying to understand what I need to do to make it work.

Jake Taylor - Director

Connect your team dynamically

  • Real-time 3-dimensional views of your project.
  • Centralised information – everything about the project in one place.
  • Plan, strategise, and then communicate the plan up and down the line.
  • Understand visually what’s happening, when.
  • See your project grow in Lumi across time.



  • Don’t just track what is happening, actively increase efficiency and team productivity:
  • Minimize duplication of effort
  • Reduce potential for human error
  • Reduce file sharing and long email trails.
  • Enhance communication
  • Streamline onboarding and communication with crew, clients and talent.



  • Take a brief from a client, collect notes in the field, compile research, interviews, and backstories in situ, all in one unified hub.






  • Information is made available instantly to everyone else in the project.
  • No need to share documents, send emails or dig through files and folders to find what you’re looking for.




  • Move beyond complicated, one-dimensional spreadsheets
  • View and manage everything in one place – people, communication, cameras, edit suites, shows, archives, legal, schedules
  • Use information in multiple ways, simultaneously
  • Every person can view information the way they need to without duplicating effort
  • Update once, update everywhere, for everyone


  • Improve the cohesiveness between teams with easily accessible, real-time information.
  • No more file sharing, printing, or emailing updates.
  • Everything in Lumi is available to everyone, as it happens.
  • The same information can be used by multiple people simultaneously in different ways.
  • Update once, update everywhere.


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Everything you need in one place

  • Create candidate reports and visualisations.
  • Monitor progress via a live dashboard.
  • Slash your carbon footprint with paperless auditions.
  • Prepare your pitch to the network or client.
Field Production
  • Connect nightshifts and dayshifts in 24-hour turnaround.
  • Add field notes and hot sheets directly into Lumi or use live, time-coded shoot logs.
  • Notes are immediately ‘in place’ and available for use in real-time.
Post Production
  • Real-time delivery of content into post-production.
  • Plan story, episode, and series rundowns.
  • Use timecode logs and export the logs and marker direct to your edit to save time.
  • Everything from brief to delivery lives in Lumi.
  • Plan and communicate things once only.
  • See everything as it happens regardless of physical location.
  • Be immediately responsive to things that happen in the field.
  • Everything about the challenge in one place.
  • Plan and schedule challenges and communicate up and down the line.
Story collection
  • Stories are collected at the source and made available to everyone instantly.
  • Track the quality and highlights of your shoot in real-time.
  • Understand what you have, see the gaps and then rate, sort, and plan episodes all within Lumi.
  • With all departments working from the same place, it’s easy to ensure any client promises are kept.
  • Track client briefs and sponsor mentions across programs.
  • Help the integration and content teams work better together.
Archive management
  • Replace complicated archive spreadsheets with live Lumi Lists or Trackers.
  • Have an overview of archive material, cast, stories, and episodes with one click.
  • One hub means you’re always across the latest costings, status, and clearance

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