Lumi is a new breed of technology for people who think and work more organically than linearly.
Lumi joins the dots for you. It builds pathways to connect the many brains, teams, ideas, scenes, stories etc of your project. Lumi uniquely has the ability to capture, order and deliver your IP back to you, on-demand, in a format that makes the most sense for the task you are doing. Build, think, film, record etc in whatever sequence makes the most sense for your project, knowing that Lumi brings order and structure to the information you feed it.
Run from a team dashboard, configured by you, Lumi adapts to your team and enables you to manage your information, assets, documents, status updates and historical context.
Digitised cards act as a single, central point of collection for ideas, strategic planning, communication, tasks, contracts and more. Digital workflow and project management tools then pull this information into task appropriate, real-time, 3D views. Switch between macro and micro levels of information seamlessly. Dive into any element directly from the overview to get rich, contextual information.
Your productivity will improve through the consistent flow of information. Lumi delivers context, knowledge and insights to your fingertips, on-demand.
Screen Production

Our platform is powering teams through the lifecycle of film and television projects - from development and casting through to shoot, post production and delivery. Editorial, Production and Post teams can now be together in one collaborative, cohesive place. 


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Radio teams move fast. Lumi helps teams to keep up by ensuring everyone, from the top down, is on the same page. Lumi's unique functionality makes it easy to use and easy to share what you're working on with the rest of your team.

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Sports Broadcasting

Lumi is helping sports broadcasters embrace an exciting new future. Challenges associated with live events (single or simultaneous multi-event formats) and produced content, are easily managed within Lumi.

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Media Integration

Lumi makes it easy to coordinate ideas from many teams to deliver fast-paced responses to briefs. A single place for everyone to communicate, capture ideas, develop, pitch and execute campaigns. Improve your response times and never miss a deadline.

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We partnered with industry to develop a creative production platform that works the way you do. The result - a platform that gives creative teams the best opportunity to make the most efficient and creative product they can in the digital age.

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