Lumi makes it easy to coordinate ideas from many teams to deliver fast-paced responses to briefs. A single place for everyone to communicate, capture ideas, develop, pitch and execute campaigns.


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Improve productivity and protect your IP with Lumi.

Lumi is a work platform that supersedes shared drives, internal emails, and inefficient file folders. Unique functionality, designed specifically for creative teams, makes it easy to use and even easier to share what you're working on with the rest of your team. 

  • Improve your response times and never miss a deadline. Your ideas are your biggest asset - be sure to capture all of them. With every word searchable in the Lumi Library, even if you don't use them the first time they can be easily found again in future.
  • Use live trackers to see an overview of each brief, or to dive into the detail on a single line item. Update from anywhere and it is reflected everywhere within Lumi, in real-time.
  • Digital whiteboards make it easy to go from concept to pitch to execution. When everything is in Lumi, it's easy to share, easy to find what you're looking for and know that what you see is the most up-to-date version available.


Discover Lumi for Media Integration: