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Think of any TV show you love and, inevitably, you’ll think of a character that captured your attention. Whether they were the hero or villain, or someone with whom you resonated or connected, it’s the cast member that brought to life the words and imagination of the writers, producers and directors.

Bringing a cast together often starts with needing to cull a flood of applicants. A popular reality show may end up with ten cast members and a similar number of reserves, but there may be thousands of applicants to shift through and manage. Making the casting process enjoyable for the applicants and streamlined for the producers so they can find the right people is critical for the success of a show.

Putting the fun into casting can turn a complex and arduous task into something that delivers a great outcome. And while most casting processes focus on just one production, when you have a great digital system behind your casting process, unsuccessful applicants for one show may find themselves called up for another show later. This can only happen if you have a platform that makes it easy for talent to submit their applications, for producers and casting directors to review and make decisions on potential cast members, and for that information to be easily stored, recalled again and shared.

When Lewis Evans, the executive producer of Love Island UK wanted a better way to handle the thousands of cast applications he chose Lumi.Media. The innovative technology enabled his team to bring casting boards to life and worked incredibly well remotely when the casting team presented to the executive and network teams. Mr Evans reports “We love using Lumi, there is no other product out there with a backend like it. Lumi worked really well for us whilst casting Love Island Series 7.”

For applicants, a great casting process can help them become better engaged with the production from the outset. Aspiring contestants for a quiz show can have the casting process ask them questions similar to those they will encounter if they are successful. Not only does this help the producers but it brings the applicant into the production from the early stage.

For a reality show, the casting process could ask them to respond to some potential scenarios, perhaps drawn from previous seasons of the show, to gauge their reactions. This can complement their own application video and background information. Instead of the casting process being a dry, information-focused process, it can be transformed into one that is fun, engaging, and gives producers far better insight into whether an applicant will be a great match for the show and how they might work with other cast members.

Casting is critical to the success of any show – whether it’s scripted or unscripted. An engaging and enjoyable casting process can help applicants feel more at ease and give producers far better insight into who the right cast members are and how they will work together.

Digital transformation tools like Lumi help to enhance and streamline the casting process and ensure all notes made on potential cast members are retained for potential future use, saving time and effort.

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