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Documentaries and factual shows
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Your team - together in a single, digital workplace.

Planning & Development

Watch as your ideas grow from concept to sold.


Casting & Auditions

Move from casting and auditions, to production and delivery seamlessly.


Field Production

Live shoot logs, field notes and hot sheets. Universal updates in real time.


Post Production

Access information in real-time. Choose how information is displayed and use the advanced search to find what you need.


Manage Archive

Replace complicated trackers with live Lumi Lists for on-demand access to costings, status and clearance.


Executive Views

Transparency, accessibility and security. People, information and communication in one place.


Create efficiencies

Save time

Reduce costs

Increase visibility

Minimise duplication

Real-time collaboration

Lumi benefits
TV and film

“Lumi is a fantastic intuitive platform. From casting to post, Lumi made sharing and accessing story information so efficient. Most importantly, Lumi mitigates receiving hundreds of emails and attachments!!"

Anna Jeffries - Director / Producer
Connect teams in real-time

Planning and Development

  • Build dynamic IP banks – create a database of ideas, clients and resources.​
  • Protect your IP in a secure environment.​
  • Consolidate everything about a pitch on a single Lumi Card.​
  • Get an instant overview of every pitch in flight.
  • Export quickly and easily from Lumi - create a bio, pitch document or report ready for your meeting. 
  • Move seamlessly from sold to delivery.

Planning and development for TV and Film teams


Casting and auditions for TV and Film managed by Lumi


Casting and Auditions

  • Casting and audition information is readily available through production and delivery.
  • Visualise the cast. Drag-and-drop cards to find your ideal combination.
  • Other teams can extract the information they need to do their jobs.
  • Move seamlessly into production. Once your cast is locked, simply keep adding to their cast cards. The same card follows them through production. 

Field Production

  • Add field notes and hot sheets directly into Lumi or use live, time-coded shoot logs.
  • Notes are immediately "in place" and available for use in real-time.​
  • Create faster feedback loops and solve problems on the fly - know where the gaps are and save teams going back into the field.
  • Save overshooting – know what you have and be confident to call time on a shoot.​ ​
  • Clear communication between field and post-production regardless of location.

Field production for TV and film managed in Lumi


TV and Film manage post production in Lumi



  • Get an instant overview of lots of moving parts via the dashboard.
  • Plan in 3D - move challenges, scenes and story threads around on a visual board. See overviews and click through for detail.
  • Visualise story-arcs over time.
  • Automate workflows - story types, characters etc are categorised and sorted into relevant streams automatically.
  • Advanced search helps you find what you need instantly - a log, phrase, word, persons interview etc.
  • Track highlights instantly then export the logs and marker direct to your edit to save time.


Archive Management

  • Replace complicated archive spreadsheets with live Lumi Lists or Trackers.

  • Use custom fields to be across an overview of archive material, cast, stories, and episodes with one click.

  • With everyone working in the one place you'll always be across the latest costings, status and clearance. 

Archive management for TV and Film made easy with Lumi


Lumi provides executive overviews for TV and Film productions


Executive Overview

  • Run projects end-to-end. Everything lives in Lumi.
  • Improve team efficiency, reduce file sharing and long email trails.
  • Template cards and documents for uniformity.
  • Pull information seamlessly through your workflows without duplicating effort.
  • Work at a macro or micro level. Get the level of detail you need, when you need it.

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